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The Godfather Director Reflects on Discovering Tom Cruise

  • Francis Ford Coppola shares audition tapes from the casting process of his 1983 film The Outsiders, which launched the careers of Tom Cruise, Matt Dillon, and more.
  • The director reveals the unconventional approach of having actors read for different roles, fostering a collaborative and respectful environment.
  • The Outsiders, inspired by a letter from students, became a commercial success and a cult classic, propelling its young stars to fame.

The Godfather Director Uncovers Hollywood’s Brightest Talents

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

According to CBR, in a nostalgic revelation, the legendary Francis Ford Coppola has shed light on the distinctive casting process that birthed the careers of Tom Cruise, Matt Dillon, and other iconic stars in his 1983 film, The Outsiders.

How Coppola Discovered Tom Cruise and Others in The Outsiders?

Tom Cruise via Top Gun Maverick
Tom Cruise via Top Gun Maverick

Coppola, the mastermind behind The Godfather trilogy, recently took to Instagram to reminisce about the unconventional audition process for The Outsiders. Based on S.E. Hinton’s novel, the film was a pivotal launchpad for its ensemble of young actors, including Tom Cruise, Matt Dillon, Ralph Macchio, Diane Lane, C. Thomas Howell, and Emilio Estevez.

Sharing audition tapes, Coppola revealed that the actors were brought together on a soundstage, alternating between reading lines for different roles. This unique approach allowed the actors to witness each other’s performances, fostering a sense of respect and camaraderie among the potential co-stars.

Coppola reflected on the positive atmosphere created by this casting process, stating, “It was interesting because each of them was watching their competition, so while it could’ve been a volatile situation, it turned into a very positive one. There emerged the natural respect and sense of colleagueship among them.”

The result, as Coppola described, “worked beautifully and reminded me of my days as a camp counselor,” drawing parallels to his earlier experiences working with children in a nurturing environment.

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The Outsiders: A Letter that Sparked a Cult Classic

Tom Cruise - The Graham Nortan Show
Tom Cruise – The Graham Nortan Show

The Outsiders, initially a literary phenomenon, gained cinematic life thanks to a heartfelt letter from Jo Ellen Misakian, a school librarian in Fresno, California. Representing her seventh and eighth-grade students, Misakian penned a persuasive plea urging Coppola to adapt Hinton’s novel for the big screen.

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Moved by the students’ admiration for the book and their desire to see it brought to life, Coppola agreed to direct the film. Upon its release, The Outsiders received positive reviews, praising the performances of its young cast. Despite initial doubts, the film struck a chord with audiences, becoming a commercial success and cultivating a dedicated cult following over time.

The Outsiders is now available for streaming on various platforms.

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