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How Did “Lucifer” Transition From a Police Procedural to Something Mindboggling?

Key Points:

  • Lucifer started as a procedural drama on Fox with a different case each week
  • After moving to Netflix, it transitioned to tackle deeper philosophical and existential themes
  • The show explores questions about God, humanity, and the nature of the universe’s system

How Did Lucifer Transition From a Procedural to Exploring Existential Questions?


As per CBR, the supernatural drama Lucifer underwent a compelling evolution, transcending its procedural roots to grapple with profound existential and philosophical questions about God, humanity, and the inner workings of the universe itself.

When Lucifer first premiered on Fox in 2016, it adhered to the typical police procedural format with a new case being investigated each episode. The show centered around Lucifer Morningstar consulting for the LAPD, with other characters like his partner Chloe Decker also going through personal journeys and relationship arcs.

However, a show revolving around the concept of the literal devil was always going to outgrow just being a weekly procedural. There were bigger existential and metaphysical questions to explore about Lucifer’s origins, his angelic/demonic relatives, and the divine realms they hailed from.

Once Netflix revived the series after its cancellation by Fox, Lucifer was freed to lean into these deeper philosophical themes. The supernatural elements like angels, demons, and the concept of God Himself took center stage. No longer confined to case-of-the-week stories, the show could explore Lucifer’s history as a fallen angel who rebelled against God.

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Questioning the Divine System



As Lucifer delved into this celestial mythology, it raised thought-provoking questions about the fundamental nature of the universe’s system of judgment, punishment, and rules defined by God. If Lucifer – someone who had grown so much from selfishness to caring about humanity – could take over for an absent God, could the system be reformed to be more fair?

Lucifer ambitiously transformed itself to grapple with these profound concepts about divine will, human nature, and subjective notions of good and evil. What began as a procedural became an examination of reforming the cosmic status quo.

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Lucifer’s final season, which concluded its run on Netflix in September 2021, likely provided some answers and resolution to these heady metaphysical themes.

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