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Inside the Battle to Save ‘Euphoria’: Rewrites, Reimagining Rue, and a Season 3 Time Jump

  • HBO delays Euphoria Season 3 production due to creative differences between Sam Levinson and Zendaya
  • Zendaya’s input led to major rewrites, including reimagining Rue’s storyline and scrapping a time jump
  • Despite challenges, HBO remains committed to concluding the series with a final season

Creative Differences Delay ‘Euphoria’ Season 3 Production


According to Variety, HBO has officially delayed the production of Euphoria Season 3, which was initially set to begin filming this spring. The network cited a need to allow the in-demand cast to pursue other opportunities while creator Sam Levinson and the teamwork through creative differences.

According to sources, Levinson’s initial vision for Season 3 included a five-year time jump, following the former students of East Highland High School. While HBO appreciated the potential arcs for Sydney Sweeney and Jacob Elordi, Zendaya, the show’s Emmy-winning star, wasn’t satisfied with the scripts.

Zendaya, who serves as an executive producer, provided significant input on where she’d like Rue’s storyline to go. Initially, Levinson’s scripts had Rue working as a private detective, an idea that HBO immediately vetoed.

Zendaya then pitched the idea of Rue, now sober in her twenties, becoming a pregnancy surrogate. However, the revised scripts still didn’t capture the show’s tone, leading to further rewrites and delays.

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The Future of ‘Euphoria‘ Season 3

Zendaya in EUPHORIA
Zendaya in EUPHORIA

With creative disagreements mounting, HBO explored options, including Levinson stepping away from Euphoria. However, the cast, particularly Zendaya, Sweeney, and Elordi, remain committed to seeing the show through with Levinson.

Simultaneously, the actors’ representatives are wary of the time commitment, as the stars could command higher salaries in films. HBO renegotiated the cast’s deals after Season 2, but Zendaya, Sweeney, and Elordi still earn significantly less than their potential film earnings.

While Zendaya has yet to read Levinson’s latest scripts, sources indicate Season 3 is not dead. HBO has freed up the cast until October 1, 2024, promising a solid plan to begin filming in 2025.

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The season may be reduced from eight to six episodes, and its success could hinge on Zendaya’s upcoming film Challengers and the looming Spider-Man 4. However, HBO remains intent on concluding Euphoria with a final season that satisfies all parties.

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