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Ji Sung Discusses Challenges of Portraying Drug Addict in Connection

Key Points:

  • Ji Sung opens up about the difficulties he faced while portraying a drug-addicted detective in the upcoming drama Connection.
  • The actor had to extensively research and prepare to accurately depict the character’s struggles with addiction.
  • Connection is a crime thriller that follows a respected detective who is forcibly addicted to a mysterious new drug.

Actor Ji Sung has shared his candid thoughts on the challenges he faced while preparing for his role in the highly anticipated SBS drama Connection. The crime thriller follows the story of a principled detective who finds himself unwillingly addicted to a dangerous new drug, forcing him to confront a dark and unfamiliar reality.

What Difficulties Did Ji Sung Face in Portraying Drug Addiction in Connection?

CONNECTION Drama - Ji Sung Jeon
CONNECTION Drama – Ji Sung Jeon

According to Soompi, in his portrayal of Jang Jae Kyung, a well-respected detective who becomes a drug addict against his will, Ji Sung admitted to struggling with various aspects of the role. “Since I’d never played a drug-addicted detective before, it wasn’t easy to portray the character, and there was a limit to my imagination,” he revealed. Despite the obstacles, Ji Sung strived to strike a balance between realism and his own artistic interpretation.

One of the primary challenges Ji Sung encountered was finding the right intensity to depict the character’s addiction. “Unlike a movie, a drama’s pace is drawn out, so I worried whether [the portrayal of] drug addiction might grow exhausting,” he explained, adding that he approached the subject matter with caution and carefully decided how far to go in portraying the symptoms.

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How Did Ji Sung Prepare for His Role?

CONNECTION Drama - Ji Sung Jeon
CONNECTION Drama – Ji Sung Jeon

Given the sensitive nature of the subject, Ji Sung took a conscientious approach to his preparation. “Although drugs are a crucial part of investigating the case in ‘Connection,’ I also thought that I shouldn’t depict them lightly or in a way that was too relatable,” he shared.

To ensure an authentic performance, Ji Sung conducted extensive research on addiction, as he could not personally experience the effects of drugs. “Since I couldn’t actually try taking drugs, I did a lot of research [about addiction],” he revealed. Additionally, Ji Sung made physical sacrifices to embody the character’s weakened state, maintaining a low weight and subsisting primarily on nuts during filming.

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Connection will premiere on May 24 at 10 p.m. KST, promising a gripping narrative that explores the complexities of addiction and the human condition. Ji Sung expressed both worry and excitement as the show’s release approaches, urging viewers to support the series and anticipate the fruits of the cast and crew’s labor.

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