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Electrifying Raikou Event Energizes Pokemon Sleep’s Greengrass Isle

Key Points

  • Legendary Pokemon Raikou makes its debut in Pokemon Sleep through special event
  • Players can befriend Raikou, complete weekly missions to earn Raikou Mane rewards
  • Event introduces new Helper Boost (Electric) skill, increased Electric-type spawns


Pokemon fans, get ready to experience the electrifying power of Raikou in the latest Pokemon Sleep event! The popular mobile game is welcoming its first Legendary Pokemon, Raikou, in a special two-week event that promises to be a thunderous addition to the sleep-tracking experience.


Pokémon Sleep Raikou Research: Befriending the Legendary Thunder Pokémon

Pokémon Sleep _ Raikou Arrives! via The Official Pokemon Youtube Channel
Pokémon Sleep Raikou Arrives! via The Official Pokemon YouTube channel

During the “Raikou Research” event, players will have the opportunity to befriend the mighty Raikou, a Legendary Pokemon known for its incredible electric powers. According to the in-game Professor Neroli, collecting samples of Raikou Mane left behind by the elusive Pokemon will be key to researching its unique sleep habits. Players can exchange these Raikou Mane samples through the Event Exchange to obtain special items like Raikou Incense and Raikou Biscuits. The Raikou Incense will increase the chances of encountering Raikou during sleep research, while the Raikou Biscuits will help players quickly build friendship with the Legendary Pokemon.


“If you set this [Raikou Incense] on the stump labeled ‘Incense’ next to your tent on the home screen before you begin sleep tracking, you will for sure be able to meet Raikou during your next sleep research,” the official announcement states.

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Pokémon Sleep Weekly Missions and Increased Electric-Type Spawns

Pokémon Sleep via The Official Pokemon Youtube Channel
Pokémon Sleep via The Official Pokemon Youtube Channel

To encourage active participation, the event will feature two sets of limited-time weekly missions, offering Raikou Mane samples as rewards for completing various tasks. This will provide players with a steady supply of the valuable resource needed to obtain event-exclusive items. Additionally, the event will bring an increased spawn rate for Electric-type Pokemon like Pikachu, Raichu, Mareep, and Jolteon on Greengrass Isle. This will not only make it easier to encounter these fan-favorite creatures but will also aid in the effectiveness of Raikou’s new “Helper Boost (Electric)” main skill.

The Helper Boost (Electric) skill grants bonuses based on the number of different Electric-type Pokemon species in a player’s team, instantly gathering additional Berries and ingredients during sleep research. With the increased Electric-type spawns, players can strategically build their teams to maximize this skill’s potential.

The “Raikou Research” event kicks off on March 25 at 4 AM local time and will run until April 8 at 3:59 AM local time, giving Pokemon Sleep players ample time to experience the electrifying arrival of Raikou and all the accompanying features.

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