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Sofia Vergara Now Open to a ‘Modern Family’ Revival

Key Points:

  • Sofia Vergara is now open to a Modern Family revival.
  • The cast remains close and many stars are interested in a reboot.
  • There are no active plans for a revival, but the possibility exists.

Sofia Vergara has expressed her openness to a Modern Family revival, marking a change in her stance on returning as Gloria Pritchett. The beloved sitcom, which ran for 11 seasons from 2009 to 2020, captured the hearts of many with its humor and relatable family dynamics. Now, four years after the show ended, fans are eager to see if a reunion or reboot might be on the horizon.

Sofia Vergara’s Change of Heart on a Revival

Modern Family - Gloria Delgado
Modern Family – Gloria Delgado

In a recent conversation with The Hollywood Reporter via Collider, Vergara revealed her willingness to reprise her role in a potential Modern Family revival. “I mean, I would do it in a second,” she stated, showing enthusiasm for the experience of returning to the beloved series. This is a notable shift from her previous stance earlier this year when she expressed reservations about a revival during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. At that time, Vergara felt that it might be too soon for a reboot, considering the show had only been off the air for four years.

Vergara’s newfound openness to the idea suggests a growing possibility for a reunion, especially given her pivotal role in the series. Gloria Pritchett, with her comedic timing and vibrant personality, was central to the show’s success. Vergara’s return would be a significant factor in any potential reboot, as her character is considered the heart and soul of Modern Family.

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Is a Modern Family Revival Likely?

Mitch and Cam in Modern Family
Mitch and Cam in Modern Family

While Vergara’s enthusiasm is a positive sign for fans, there are currently no active plans for a Modern Family reboot. However, other cast members have also shown interest in returning. Ed O’Neill, who played Jay Pritchett, has expressed his willingness to reprise his role if the rest of the cast is on board. “I am open to it,” O’Neill told TV Insider, indicating that he values the relationships formed during the show.

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Additionally, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who portrayed Mitchell Pritchett, recently fueled speculation with a cryptic Instagram post showing the Dunphy home. The post, captioned “Haven’t seen this view in a while,” led fans to speculate about a possible revival, though Ferguson did not provide further details.

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