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The Real Reason DeDe Was Written Off ‘Modern Family’

Key Points: 

  • DeDe’s death allowed Modern Family to explore new emotional territories.
  • The decision was carefully planned to affect the main characters deeply.
  • The episode highlighted the importance of love and support in the family.

DeDe Pritchett’s death in Modern Family was a significant and emotional moment in the show’s tenth season. Her passing allowed the series to delve into deeper, more poignant storylines, offering a stark contrast to its usual light-hearted and comedic tone. The decision to kill off DeDe was carefully planned by the creators, aiming to give the main characters a chance to explore new emotional territories and highlight the importance of family bonds during times of loss.

How did DeDe’s death affect the show’s storyline?

Modern Family - Dede
Modern Family – Dede

DeDe Pritchett (Shelley Long) wasn’t always the most beloved character on Modern Family, but her death in Season 10, Episode 5, “Good Grief,” was a shock to viewers. The decision to write off DeDe was rooted in the creators’ desire to explore a significant and weighty storyline involving the main characters. Co-showrunner Steven Levitan explained that they wanted the family to experience a profound loss, and DeDe was the perfect choice due to her complex relationships with many of the show’s characters.

DeDe’s death allowed the main characters to confront their complicated feelings about her. While she had a contentious relationship with her daughter Claire Dunphy (Julie Bowen), she shared a closer bond with her son Mitchell Pritchett (Jesse Tyler Ferguson). Her death brought these dynamics to the forefront, providing a rich emotional landscape for the characters to navigate. It also underscored the theme of love and support within the family, even in difficult times.

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How did the characters respond to DeDe’s passing?

Modern Family

The episode “Good Grief” stands out as one of the most moving in Modern Family’s history. DeDe’s death was revealed in a way that emphasized the importance of family coming together during times of loss. Jay Pritchett (Ed O’Neill), DeDe’s ex-husband, struggled to express his emotions, focusing instead on trivial matters like a sandwich he wanted to enjoy. This reaction highlighted his vulnerability and the deep impact of DeDe’s passing on him.

The episode also featured poignant moments with Jay’s children and grandchildren as they processed their grief. The family members expressed their regret over not spending more time with DeDe and the things left unsaid. The emotional weight of the episode was a departure from the show’s usual comedic tone, making it a memorable and impactful installment.

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DeDe’s death also served to strengthen the bonds between the characters. Despite their disagreements and the complexities of their relationships, the family came together to support one another.

Modern Family’s final season is available for streaming on ABC and Hulu.

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