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Vin Diesel’s $267 Million Franchise Comeback Arrives at the Perfect Moment

Key Points:

  • Fast 11 will mark the end of Vin Diesel’s time with the Fast & Furious franchise
  • Riddick 4: Furya is currently in pre-production and expected to release in 2027
  • Diesel aims for a successful new franchise after the underperformance of Fast X at the box office

As the Fast & Furious saga nears its end with Fast 11, Vin Diesel is gearing up for a franchise comeback with Riddick 4: Furya. The timing could not be more perfect, allowing Diesel to transition seamlessly from one major franchise to another.

When Will Vin Diesel’s Riddick 4 Arrive After the End of Fast & Furious?

Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious
Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious

The Fast & Furious franchise, which has earned over $7.4 billion at the worldwide box office, is coming to a close with the upcoming Fast 11. While this marks the end of an era for Vin Diesel’s involvement in the series, the actor has already lined up his next major franchise: Riddick 4: Furya.

Riddick: Furya, the fourth installment in the Chronicles of Riddick franchise, is currently in pre-production and expected to be released in 2027, just a year after Fast 11 hits theaters. This timing is crucial, as it allows Diesel to seamlessly transition from one blockbuster franchise to another without missing a beat.

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Can Riddick 4 Become Vin Diesel’s Next Big Franchise After Fast & Furious?

vin diesel in Fast and Furious
Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious

Diesel has been pushing for a resurgence of the Riddick franchise since the 2013 reboot film, and with the underperformance of Fast X at the box office, the need for a new successful franchise has become even more apparent.

The actor has a deep passion for the Riddick character, and the 2013 film proved that there is still an audience for the sci-fi series, earning nearly $95 million worldwide against a $38 million budget. With a potentially lower production cost compared to the recent Fast & Furious entries, Riddick 4 could be a more financially viable franchise for Diesel to helm.

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Moreover, the Chronicles of Riddick has already established a dedicated fanbase, giving the upcoming film a solid foundation to build upon. If Diesel and the creative team can deliver a compelling and action-packed entry, Riddick 4 could very well become the actor’s next major franchise success.

Riddick 4: Furya is currently in pre-production, with no confirmed release date yet.

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