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Furiosa Prequel Garners Rave First Reactions as “Really F—ing Good”

Key Points: 

  • The first reactions for George Miller’s “Furiosa” prequel have emerged, praising it as an amazing action epic.
  • Critics have hailed the film’s relentless pacing, stunning cinematography, and powerful performances by Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth.
  • The movie is set to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival later this month and will hit theaters on May 24.

Ahead of its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, the first reactions for George Miller’s “Furiosa” prequel have trickled in on social media, and it appears the “Mad Max: Fury Road” director has another action masterpiece on his hands.

Critics Praise “Furiosa” as “Really F—ing Good” and a “Ferocious Epic”

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

As per Variety, IndieWire film critic David Ehrlich declared, “Brings me great joy to report that ‘Furiosa’ is really, really fucking good.” He praised the film’s unique approach while enhancing the richness of “Fury Road.”

Fandango’s Erik Davis hailed “Furiosa” as “powerhouse action filmmaking at its absolute best,” lauding the film’s “craziest chases, the most bombastic characters & just plain stunning cinematography.” He highlighted Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth’s committed performances and an “instant classic” War Rig sequence.

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“Furiosa” Expands the “Mad Max” Wasteland with Intimate Storytelling


Journalist Simon Thompson praised the film’s grand scale, stating, “‘Furiosa’ engulfs you. At times it almost seems to exceed the canvas of the IMAX format it is THAT big – and yet at times has a deeply affecting intimacy.”

Taylor-Joy takes over the title role from Charlize Theron in this prequel, following Furiosa’s kidnapping as a child by the Warlord Dementus (Chris Hemsworth) and her quest for vengeance and reunion with her family.

George Miller’s longtime producing partner, Doug Mitchell, revealed that “Furiosa” contains “one 15-minute sequence which took us 78 days to shoot” and required 200 stunt people on set daily.

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Taylor-Joy discussed the importance of the film’s longest sequence, stating, “It’s because you see an accumulation of skills over the course of a battle, and that’s very important for understanding how resourceful Furiosa is, but also her grit.”

“Furiosa” will open in theaters on May 24 from Warner Bros. after its Cannes world premiere.

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